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Programmatic Advertising & Media Buying

Implementing a targeted advertising campaign requires much more than just setting it live online or confirming a print or publication date. It takes constant assessing of its effectiveness and making changes where necessary to get it back on track if required. When that process is done manually by a person, human error can become a factor and result in funds from the marketing budget being wasted.

So what if there was a way to automate the process to do the job for you? An application that cuts out the human error factor and keeps working in the background to ensure the campaign remains on target, cost-efficient and more likely to generate a return on investment? There is, with programmatic media buying and digital advertising from Media Scene.

How Does Programmatic Digital Advertising Work?

Used primarily in online advertising but becoming more and more prominent in the development of more traditional media campaigns, programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to automate the process of deciding where and when advertising is placed to produce the best return on investment. While a person may have been required to sift through reams of data and figures to make these decisions, programmatic digital media buying software is constantly working in real time to ensure your campaign is targeted and remains targeted to the right audience. This enables the marketer to remain focused on the creative side of the campaign rather than dealing with the ‘paperwork’.

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