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Television & Radio Advertising

Broadcast television and radio are still two of the most important forms of media for advertisers in Melbourne and across Australia, as they have the power to reach people all day, every day. Many people pick up on radio or television advertising without even realising it, whether it’s over the average three hours a day they watch TV or the 8 hours that the radio is on at work, and will often recall your marketing message when it matters most. Advertising on television or radio offers a multitude of benefits. Both can target a particular audience during the particular time slot that research indicates is when they’re at their most engaged. Both are also highly influential; TV advertisements and radio advertising are powerful at building brand recognition and driving purchasing decisions.

To capitalise on either of these still dominant mediums, speak to the specialists at Media Scene about radio or TV advertising today.

Enjoy Maximum Cut-Through When You Invest In TV Advertising

While many businesses in Melbourne and across Australia move their marketing budget into the online advertising, it’s still important to not completely overlook the more traditional forms of promotion that continue to thrive. Media Scene specialises in purchasing radio and television advertising space for local and national businesses. We will aim to negotiate for you a fair price and time slot that ensures maximum cut-through for your business.

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