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Transit Media

Ever noticed how much advertising you encounter once you leave your house? Whether it’s on the back of a bus or on the wall of a train carriage, even if you take little more than a passing glance at what’s being advertised, it’s entirely likely that it will remain in the subconscious of your mind for longer than you realise. This is called transit media; a form of advertising that engages consumers outside of the house. It’s the advertising that you pass by driving your car to work, or the advertising that passes by you on the back of the taxi that didn’t stop to pick you up. For high-quality transit media that will help promote your business, speak to the specialists at Media Scene.

Enjoy the Benefits of This Dynamic Advertising

Transit media advertising provides businesses with a wealth of benefits, and Media Scene is here to help you reap the rewards. Your marketing message rarely remains in one place for too long, enabling maximum exposure throughout the city and suburbs. It’s a format that’s hard to ignore as well; unlike television or radio advertising you cannot simply change the channel or switch it off, or turn the page as you can with print advertising.

Take advantage of the exposure that transit media provides with Media Scene. Get in touch online or give us a call on 1300 654 969 or 0431 040 996 to discover just how we can help you.